Wine Coolers


  • When soaked in water, our terracotta wine coolers really will bring down the temperature of your wine, or help to maintain the temperature of pre-chilled wine. 
  • Cooling occurs by natural evaporation through the pores of the terracotta. Natural cooling!
  • Terracotta vessels have been used for centuries in hot climates for storing & cooling water. Chill the natural way... 
  • Our wine coolers are available in natural terracotta and rustic glazed apple-green & turquoise finishes - hand dipped in two glazes which melt & react in the kiln creating unique effects.
  • When not in use, don't dare hide away these objects of beauty - our individual wine bottle coolers also make excellent kitchen utensil jars!
  • And for that extra practical touch, why not add a matching saucer to catch those precious cooling drips of condensation? 
  • For more details about an individual wine cooler, including current online prices, then please click on the appropriate thumbnail links below:
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Large Hexagonal Terracotta Wine Cooler-Turquoise Glaze

Temporarily out of stock - Making more soon