Garden Planters

The Natural Choice for the garden - Terracotta has natural beauty & properties which make it the perfect material choice for the garden. We produce our own range of terracotta garden planters & novelty garden plant pots by hand here in the UK. 

This range includes novelty teapot planters, teacup planters & glazed Wellington boots, as well as our hexagonal herb pots, hanging cone garden planters & wall pots.

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Teapot Planter Large - Glazed

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Hanging Cones (Large)

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Teapot Planter | Terracotta | Various Sizes


Extra Large - Length 31cm (tip of spout to handle edge), Width 19cm, Height 15cm - £14.99

Large - Length 27cm (tip of spout to handle edge), Width 17cm, Height 13cm - £12.99

Medium - Length 24cm (tip of spout to handle edge), Width 15cm, Height 12cm - £9.99

Small- Length 19cm (tip of spout to handle edge), Width 12cm, Height 9cm - £7.50


Strawberry Herb Pot

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Amphora Planter Pot

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Miniature Chimney Pot Planter

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