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Chicken Bricks

Our Chicken Bricks Are All Handmade in the UK by Weston Mill Pottery

  • Terracotta Chicken Bricks are simple to use, and produce wonderful results!
  • Our large terracotta Chicken Brick is ideal for cooking a "Family-sized" chicken naturally in its own juices for healthy succulent results!
  • Based on ancient principles of cooking in earthenware containers over a fire, these chicken bricks have been developed for use in conventional ovens; a clay oven within an oven!
  • The chickenbrick was made popular in the 1960s by Terence Conran at his Habitat stores
  • Have you ever tasted poultry cooked in a terracotta chicken brick? Our customers wouldn't cook their meat any other way! Discover all the benefits below...
  • Terracotta clay is a porous material which, when soaked in water and then heated in the oven, provides a slow evaporation of steam from the pores, creating a steamy enclosed environment - Perfect for achieving succulent, tender and full-flavoured roasts.
  • Chicken bricks provide a healthier way to cook - meats are cooked naturally in their own juices, with more of the essential nutrients and vitamins retained and no need for any added fats.
  • Food browns in the chicken brick, even with the lid on.
  • Terracotta cooking pots retain heat extremely well, & after cooking will keep food hot for longer. Replace the lid after serving. Perfect for second helpings!
  • Meats cook especially well in clay cookers because they have a tendency to stay moist and juicy.
  • One pot cooks all... Our large chicken bricks leave room for plenty of spuds, parsnips and the like.
  • You can cook all types of food in a terracotta Chicken brick - joints of meat, poultry, casseroles & vegetables can be cooked with delicious results.
  • Full Instructions included. [CLICK HERE to view an online copy.]
  • Chicken Brick Recipes - Our chicken brick is a very versatile cooking utensil - and not just for chicken! See some delicious recipes, including stuffed peppers; roast pork Swedish style or stuffed flank of beef by CLICK HERE.

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Here's what some of our satisfied customers think:

  • "The chickenbricks are fantastic!! Chicken has never tasted so good, they are very easy to use and they make cooking a roast so simple." 
  • "This was a replacement for my old chicken brick, as I can't imagine cooking any type of meat without it. Works just as well as my old one. Thanks." 
  • "Excellent seller. Chicken brick makes great tasting food too." 
  • "I'm delighted with my new terracotta chicken brick!"  
  • "WE LOVE OUR CHICKEN BRICK!!! It is the most beautiful item in my kitchen and the meat and veg we have cooked has been YUMMMMMM!! Thanks a million, Samantha D"
  • "I can confirm that the oven was indeed delivered this morning. I can now look forward to a nice roast chicken for dinner tonight... Thanks for your prompt response, Jeff"
  • "Bought as a present for a 'down to earth', 'old-fashioned', good English food housewife. A couple of 'experimental' lunches, first with a chicken and then a piece of ham convinced us that this method of cooking is all that the supporting literature said it would be. Meat just falls off the bone and tastes fantastic and roast potatoes (added later in the cooking) have an absolutely delicious flavour. We have no hesitation in recommending this product, however, a few cautions, these 'bricks' are large and heavy for lifting in and out of low ovens, be very careful of trapped steam escaping when separating the halves (keep your arms covered), you will also need a large enough container to soak the brick in and, incidentally, there is a top and bottom piece.Sunday joints will always be terracotta cooked from now on."
  • "Why doesn't everybody have one of these? I had no experience of such an item before purchasing and was somewhat skeptical of some of the claims made. Having had one for several weeks I can only say that the claims are severely understated. I had not told my wife that I had ordered this and on arrival, I took some verbal abuse for cluttering the kitchen and where was she going to store it? Now it takes pride of place as it is used so often. I like the design of this compared to other clay pots. It has just enough extra height for family-sized chicken meals. The food is so succulent, superior to anything we have tried before. maintenance is easy. It cleans without effort. Care must be taken when removing the lid of this and similar pots as a lot of steam is generated. Good oven gloves essential. I can highly recommend this to anyone wanting to try cooking in clay."
  • "Brilliant!! Easy to use, keeps the oven clean but best of all sublime tender and succulent meat!"
  • "This is a brilliant product. The flavour of the meat is so tasty when cooked in this and the meat is really tender. I would definitely recommend this to anyone."
  • "We have enjoyed three different roasts as never before. Back to old fashioned cooking -- try one!"
  • "Absolutely delighted with the Chicken Brick. Arrived on schedule, perfectly packed and a pleasure to use"
  • "Not quite as substantial as the 30-year-old Habitat model that it replaces, but far better quality than the current Habitat brick" 

Chicken Brick (Extra-Large) Terracotta

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