Garden Waterers

Thumbpot Waterers

  • Based on a traditional 16th-century design, our thumb-pot waterers provide a novel way to gently water delicate small plants in the greenhouse & outdoors.
  • To fill simply submerge in water, covering the top hole with your thumb as you hold the top, carry the pot anywhere and the water will not leak.
  • But remove your thumb and a fine shower descends from dozens of tiny holes in the base. Replacing your thumb over the hole will stop the flow instantly.
  • Handmade at our UK pottery studio in Newark, Notts.

'In-Soil' Flower Pot Waterers

  • Our Bird or miniature watering can 'in-soil' Flowerpot Waterers slowly release moisture into the soil of your flower pots, helping to prevent them from drying out...

Olla Irrigation Pots

  • Based on the traditional 'Olla' design these larger, porous terracotta Irrigation Pots have been designed for use in patio pots & containers & in the greenhouse, slowly releasing water into the surrounding earth or potting compost...       


Olla Irrigation Pot

Large olla Pot for use in larger patio containers & greenhouses 

Multibuy Discounts Available