Wine Rack 10-Set Ochre Glazed



Wine Rack (10 set) Ochre Glaze 

  • A wine rack with 10x single colour Ochre (Creamy Yellow) glazed ends. The ends of these wine rack sections have been dipped in glaze resulting in the most elegant and unique of wine storage systems. Options include 10 Olive sections, Or 10 Ochre sections, Or 5 of each colour.
  • Terracotta is the natural choice for wine storage, both practical & stylish each terracotta wine rack section has been designed to give flexibility whilst taking advantage of the natural benefits of this versatile material.
  • Sealed at one end, each individual terracotta section (holding one bottle) will assist in restricting light & maintaining a stable temperature, both significant factors for keeping wine in good condition.
  • These versatile hexagonal wine rack sections can be stacked together in a honeycomb format, giving an unlimited choice of wine rack design options. From this 10 set freestanding pyramid design or a tailor-made feature wine rack to fit in to a specific space or alcove, to a cellar wall or even a complete wine cellar.
  • Whether you are looking for a 10 set wine rack or something larger, these practical and versatile units can be supplied in any number. We will be happy to advise you on the exact numbers of units required to fill your space or cellar! Simply let us have dimensions & we will do the rest, calculating & quoting for your quantity.

 Salient Product Dimensions:    Width/Diameter: 12cm   |    Length: 19.5cm   |  

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