Terracotta Tandoori Pot



Terracotta Tandoori Pot 

  • A Tandoori Pot or Tandoori Oven is a clay cooking pot traditionally used over a fire.

  • Made of terracotta, this tandoori pot can be heated to the highest temperatures, so enabling you to create the effects of a traditional Indian Tandoori oven within your own oven!

  • During cooking a steamy moist enclosed environment is created, basting the food in its own juices throughout cooking. When cooked, the food will be moist, tender and full of flavour. 

  • Full instructions and recipe leaflet included with your Tandoori Cooking Pot.

  • Hand made in the UK from English terracotta 

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Size: Height 25cm (including lid), 17cm (excluding lid), diameter 19cm, internal diameter at top of pot: 14cm

 Salient Product Dimensions:    Width/Diameter: 19cm   |    Height: 25cm

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