Interior Ceramic Products

  • A range of indoor terracotta products for the home.
  • Pierced ceiling pendants, hand pierced & available glazed & in natural terracotta. 
  • Including our Toby Jug designed & modelled by John Brothers (ex-Walsall College of Art and Colin's College tutor).
  • Glazed rim flowerpots & cache pots - hand glazed in a selection of colours.
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Pierced Ceiling Pendant Shade - Rustic White Glaze

Temporarily unavailable due to the current circumstances

Multibuy Discounts Available

Terracotta Tealight Holder

Multibuy Discounts Available

Terracotta Tealight Shade


Multibuy Discounts Available

Long Tom Cache Pot - Terracotta Love

Cache pot - without a drainage hole, with a glazed interior


Terracotta Tealight Holders - Set of 3

Temporarily out of stock - Making more soon

Multibuy Discounts Available