Garlic Graters


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Garlic Graters - For a quick & easy way to grate garlic paste!

  • Designed to fit comfortably in the hand these English terracotta garlic graters are quick & easy to use.
  • Simply rub peeled garlic cloves in a circular motion over the textured grating area to quickly turn your garlic cloves in to garlic paste.
  • Easy to clean - simply rinse these garlic graters under the tap after use.
  • Made & hand finished in the UK from durable English terracotta clay.
  • Available with a tailor made wooden brush for removing garlic puree from the grater easily & without waste.
  • Also works excellently for lemon zesting, ginger roots & hard cheeses like Parmesan!
  • Quality wooden brush is also UK made! Length 10cm.

 Salient Product Dimensions:    Width/Diameter: 11cm   |  

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